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Before you make a professional video, remember the following as of 2019:

  • There is too much video content
  • Videos are not watched until the end
  • You must fight for the audience’s/subscriber’s interest
  • Conversion brings no leads
  • Awareness of the advertising video does not result in brand/product awareness
  • Creativity is not creative enough
  • A viral video does not get viral during the advertising campaign
  • The well-tested tools have ceased to be effective
  • About 74 % viewers turn the video off within first ten seconds.

Are you still planning to make a video?

You simply have no other way out, since (at the example of YouTube):

  • YouTube is the second search engine in the world after Google
  • It has 1.9 billion active monthly users
  • There are about five billion of uploaded videos daily
  • About 150 million view hours per day
  • Video marketing has turned into the main leader in the digital area in 2019: around 80 % of the online content has been visualised
  • Video materials do not only demonstrate the product visually, but also ntertain the client, thus increasing the trust in and relevance of the brand
  • 75 % of the marketing specialists in 2019 have explained their success with work with video content
  • The demand for video content keeps growing faster than the demand for blogs and articles


Quality of the shooting is guaranteed:

Development of the content strategy focused on the necessary target audience
Cooperation with top directors
Strong portfolio
Selection of the post production format
Understanding of the goals and methods for achievement thereof ( identification of key elements of the shooting, format for rotation on the music channels)
Control over time frames and quality of the shooting
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