PR is a more sophisticated and accurate tool of interaction with the target audience. The purpose of PR is not to sell, but to inform of the company/product/service, to create a certain image in the mind of prospective customers/buyers, to win loyalty and, in an ideal scenario, devotion to the brand. Today PR is a power tool used to shape the reputation of the company, product, brand or service.

The classic concept of public relations is long gone. Development of the digital has changed the landscape drastically, and mass media are not necessary as an agent anymore. Now it is working with the audience, structuring of communities and trust in the brand and conveying messages. All these things are called a simple word “communications”.

Feex Agency is an official partner of Google. That is why our company’s specialists understand the most advanced and innovative trends in the digital, have a wealth of advertising experience and know how to win the maximum trust in and love to the brand with the minimum budget.

Feex Agency develops an individual package of the PR services, including only those PR technologies necessary to resolve the tasks set.

Our specialists will offer you a range of PR tools to be used in order to draw the most active and necessary audience. It will save you lots of money and produce the effects set out in the marketing plan.

An enormous advantage of Feex Agency is the complete PR cycle. We understand which content should be “planted” as well as the proper audience and techniques. We can think of the creative (viral) idea, shoot it properly and make the high-quality production, which will definitely be effective during the future PR campaign. As we cooperate with the top artists and politicians, large companies and media figures, we have a deep understanding of the mentality of any audience and their response to certain content from different information resources.


The show business has a specific system for interaction with the society, and there are certain rules. PR managers, PR directors and sometimes even a PR agency in its entirety play a key role in promotion of the musical project and proper positioning thereof in the show business market. It enables the artist to be aware of everything happening in this area without concern about his or her image.

One of the focus areas of PR in the show business is the ability to professionally advertise your product in the mass media (TV, radio stations, printed media and online resources).

You must understand the viral nature of the product and the interested audience in order to get PR from these platforms for free (or with considerable discounts). As a rule, such effects are produced by a sequence of certain actions:

  • Testing tracks
  • Selecting the audience and suitable track
  • Creating the image (photo and video shooting, viral videos, content plan)
  • PR campaign (digital) PR Wave 1 Determining indicators of the viral nature of and demand for the product on the market

Show business. Full-cycle PR services to artists:

Creating audio tracks. Writing. Testing. Selecting the hit track and the audience
Developing the PR strategy analysing the project, developing the legend, positioning
Developing the promotional package: Biography, discography, press release, photo bank, video bank, advertising content
Digital: integral promotion, marketing strategy, content marketing, SMM, YouTube, SEO, email marketing, website development, branding / rebranding
Developing a website: design creation, selecting content, maintaining and optimising
Posting tracks on the radio and music videos on music channels, popular Internet video services
Chart promotion Getting into top positions of the world charts: Billboard, iTunes, Shazam and Spotify
Creating newsmakers: Legends, scandals, news about the artist
Writing text materials press releases, news, articles, previews, comments, interviews, etc.
Organising guest shows on TV and radio online conferences, TV project shooting, participation in talk shows
Organising and holding PR events: Press conferences, presentations, special projects, including cultural, social and charity events. Artist’s participation in major world events such as Grammy and Billboard Awards. Red carpets and invitation-only events by the top global labels. Intangible assets
Regular newsletters, newsletters to national and regional mass media. PR promotion at regional radio stations
PR support of concert tour, establishment of information partnership with mass media, preparation of advertising campaigns, preparation of quotations for Sponsors, announcement of concerts, information support, efficient advertising
Processing incoming invitations, initiating the Client’s invitation to the society, cultural and social events and charity projects in accordance with the positioning of the artist
Coordination of the project contractors’ work: Designers, programmes, photographers, musicians, directors and other specialists. Coordination of the fan club
Controlling publications, сontrolling references to the artist in mass media and adjusting them where necessary (if possible)
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