iTunes shapes charts in every country. We are not working in all the countries of the world yet, but our services are represented in those countries where iTunes sales are an integral part of shaping other charts (for instance, Billboard). The exclusive promotion algorithms by Feex Agency are so clear that we can foresee the track’s position in the iTunes Chart up to several items as well as the duration of its leading positions even before the start of the promotional campaign.


iTunes Charts Top 10

  • Two-week campaign
  • Getting into Top 20
  • Getting into Top 10

France, Italy, The Netherlands, UK

iTunes Charts Top 2

  • Three-week campaign
  • Getting into Top 20
  • Getting into Top 2
  • Week in Top 2

France, UK, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, UAE, USA

We cannot guarantee the first position as a super hit may be released during the campaign, and we will not be able to overtake it. But it has not happened before.

Customised calculations for the company

Chart position

The audio content sales statistics on iTunes has been on decline for the last few years

It has been caused by the fact that the majority of users have turned to such streaming services as Spotify (we also provide Spotify promotional services). However, given the dynamics of the decline in the annual sales of audio tracks in iTunes Store, this platform still remains one of the strongest and highly demanded ones for music content consumers and will keep playing one of the key roles on the global music market for many years to come.


An example of the campaign run for Sena Kana

Itunes songs
Itunes songs
Itunes songs

Upon expiration of two months, the track remained in the European charts owing to the organic advertising

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