Turn-key song

Comprehensive work including creation of the melody and words based on the customer’s comments, arrangement, mixing and mastering of the track. The song is created from scratch, and work is performed from implementation of the idea of the song until the original sound of the entire track. The material undergoes sound production so that the final version of the track will have its unique sound. Languages of the material: Russian, English, Ukrainian.

Extended mixing

Creative approach to processing of each audio track in the arrangement. When working with the overall sound, the sound producer not only clears each sound and works with the levels of sound and panorama, but also looks for interesting sound colour solutions so that the entire track will sound more integral. Mixing is performed by means of the digital plug-ins and analogue equipment.

Mastering the mixed track

Dynamic processing and equalisation of the track in order to optimise its sound for all audio systems. A track needs to be mixed to be mastered. Number of audio tracks — one

Sound logo

Sound design work is performed so that your sound logo will be unmistakably associated with the exact combination of the sounds used as your brand identity.

Stem mastering (mastering of stems)

Mastering is carried out by means of stems. Stems are divided into groups of percussions, bass, instruments, vocal, etc. Stem mastering allows more detailed work with the track as the process of dynamic processing and equalisation is performed not only with the track in general, but also with each specific group. Therefore, work with the process itself is more detailed, and finalisation of the track is improved.


The customer’s song is arranged so that its tone colour will follow the latest global trends or, by the customer’s order, authentic sound. We work not only with parts and rhythm, but also tone colours in order to produce the unique original sound and maximum balance thereof.

Extended mixing and mastering

The song is creatively processed by means of the cutting-edge mixing and mastering techniques until the final sound is as broad and enhanced as the sound in any large track played on the radio. Both digital and analogue equipment is applied.

Basic mixing

The process includes dynamic balancing of the track components, frequency adjustment, panning, dynamic processing, application of such effects as reverberation, delay, distortion, etc. Work with the project is performed only by means of the digital plug-ins.

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